About Flutegirl.ca

My name is Penny Will and I'm a musician living in Canada. I studied theory and composition at University and am a member of the Canadian Society of Composers (SOCAN).
I taught music from Junior Kindergarten to High School and have written music for film and performed throughout Canada.

Resources at flutegirl.ca are based on my educational philosophy that to learn an instrument the most important thing is to play; play a lot; and want to play.
Music should be fun and the more you play, the more you want to play. With that in mind I developed videosheetmusic.

VideoSheetMusic is something I invented several years ago and am continuing to improve upon.
Essentially it is Karaoke for instruments. I write and arrange all the music using sheet music and/or midi files and by adjusting instrumentation and key, intensify the beauty of the flute.
Though arranged for flute, you can use VideoSheetMusic with any non-transposing, treble clef instrument, including: Oboe, Recorder, Violin, Ocarina, Piano, EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument)

The music is presented with a scrolling cursor so you always know where you are in the score. The background is a grey colour to reduce contrast on TV's and computer screens and the notes are large to be read easily.
I also modify the melody by taking out non-essential notes, which not only makes it less daunting and difficult to read, but also allows for individual performers to adjust for their capabilities.
More advanced players can add trills or additional parts as they see fit, whereas less advanced players can read more strictly.

There are always 4 staffs, with a 5th staff being like a page turn. The 5th staff is a duplicate of the first staff of the next page.
This means you are never struggling to guess the next notes and yet can see several staffs at one time to get more of a feeling of the music. The 5th staff generally changes while the cursor is on the third staff.



Membership to flutegirl.ca is $24.95/year (Canadian Funds)

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