Title flutegirl.ca

Videos available at: pennywill.com

Flutegirl member login
If you had a flutegirl membership in the past,
email me for the discount link


Flutegirl Memberships
$27.50 a year.

Please Note: I turn my electronics off at night, so if you don't get an immediate response, I will set up a login ASAP.

Please don't order twice.

Memberships include:

  • Download Sheet music (Pdf),
    Backing Mp3's, and MIDI for hundreds of songs.

  • Stream or download MP4 videos for all the songs,
    for use on a computer or phone.

  • Download AVI videos for all the songs,
    for use on older equipment

  • YouTube play-along videos.

  • Some practice videos, scales

Snail Mail $25 CASH ONLY
(US or Canadian) :

Penny Will
P.O. Box 71
St Thomas, Ontario, Canada
N5P 3T5

Please include your name and email address


YouTube is in a state of flux at the moment,
but you can still watch the videos at: